GRAPPL has two distinct podcasts mixing weekly discussion about the world of wrestling, reviews of great shows and matches, and debate about important and interesting topics.


Every Tuesday, Benno, JP & Gareth talk the best and worst of what they’ve been watching from the world of wrestling. From British Wrestling to the US Indies, Japan, AEW, WWE and the rest of the world, sandwiched with random film, music, sport and TV references, it’s all covered here on Spotlight, the lead GRAPPL podcast.

On Roundtable, Spotlight's JP Houlihan hosts four guests to debate a key topic related to wrestling's past, present or future. This might be a particular news story, theme, event, wrestler or promotion, but JP ensures that no stone is left unturned with a range of special guests to bring different points to the table.



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Benno, JP and Gareth catch up on a packed long week of wrestling with talk of Kenny Omega’s appearances across AEW, Impact and AAA TripleMania, as well as the burning of Bray Wyatt at WWE TLC, Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens, ROH Final Battle, a potential 5 Star match at Dragon Gate and the card taking shape for Wrestle Kingdom.

Also, Kevin Greene, Dennis Rodman, IGW Superstars of Wrestling, and Crimewatch.

grappl roundtable g130.png


JP is joined by The2Sarahs hosts Sarah Flannery & Sarah4L, PW Torch columnist and host of ProWres Paradise Alan Counihan, and GRAPPL Spotlight's own Benno to take a deep dive into the highs and lows of the G1 tournament, the New Japan landscape and a quick roundup on the Champions Carnival and N1 Victory tournaments.


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